Weekly GameJam #42 - Time Travel Away

This is my  entry for the Weeky GameJam #42. The idea of the game is to try and see time travel from the eyes of those who are left in the present, whose friends traveled back in time in search of a better life.

How To Play

- each cylinder wants to be near another cylinder of the color specified over their head
- if they are next to that color at the end of each step they gain 1 health, otherwise they loose 1 health
- some cylinders don´t have a color on their head, they can be placed anywhere and won´t loose or gain a point for that step.
- when a cylinders reaches 0 health it teleports back in time and starts its own timeline.
- if the MAIN cylinder (with the same color as the board it stands on) dies u loose.

- drag and drop the MAIN cylinder to swap positions
- drag all MAIN cylinders to end a step.

Made withUnity
TagsTime Travel

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